Donuts and Gunpowder


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Name: Vash The Stampede aka The Humanoid Typhoon aka $$60 Billion Man aka Tongari aka Alex(Ericks)aka
Age: 131 (Goes by 24)
Birthdate: About the time of Colonization
Weight: 185.9 Ilbs
Height: 6'
Morales; Never kills, always lives by Love and Peace, chases love.
Favorite Food: Donuts...obviously
Guns: Silver Revolver, his left arm, Angel Arm
Family: Brother, Million Knives
Known For: His reputation, skirt chasing,his love of food, and miraculously never taking a life. He wants to create equality and peace throughout the world. And of course, his motto Love and Peace!!!!

Image Song: Sublime- "What I've Got"

Look at that Corny Grin...-_-; Gotta love 'im!

- "We are all like raindrops falling from the sky,
eventually landing on this sandy star and
drying up from the heat of the sun.
Even if protected by a huge umbrella,
we never know what tomorrow may bring.
Someday we will be blown by the wind and
absorbed into the sandy earth."

Vash is a warm hearted and compassionate young man with a optimistic view on life. But it is merely coverup for his inner tortured soul from so long ago. His gullable and remotely stupid looking act fools others from pinpointing him as Vash the Stampede. But later on into the show things take a turn for the worse as Vash's past comes back to haunt him...and he soon comes to terms with the fact that maybe our world really isn't made of of the Love and Peace we thought it to be...

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